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BE ON THE SCENE at Canary Wharf

Winter has arrived later than expected this year and we have been enjoying every moment of the good weather. But don’t despair we’ve been talking to our friends at BE ON THE SCENE and we have some exclusive news that will liven up your Saturday nights. For the next 15 weeks BE ON THE SCENE will be hosting battle of the bands at the BOISDALE jukebox bar this Saturday at 7pm. Bands from the UK and abroad will battle it out over the next four months in sets of live music where the public decide who moves to the next round and who ultimately wins, with the mix of live music and raw talent the coming weeks are sure to hold entertainment for all ages. We are excited to see what the bands have to offer and we’re already hoping this is a regular slot on the Canary Wharf winter schedule. The BOISDALE juke box located next to the ice rink will be a hive of entertainment ‘til late February ensuring that those post-Christmas blues go unnoticed. We will be there for the opening night and we hope to see you there.

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