Batman vs Superman

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Batman vs Superman

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We donned our Batman tshirts and prepared for what we hoped would be an epic battle between two titans of the DC universe. In an efficient fashion that we expect even Superman would have been proud of, we headed to catch the movie on Friday at lunchtime, barely 12 hours after its release. Unfortunately, however, it was Good Friday so the cinema was packed, even at 1pm, and we got there a bit late so had to blind a few people on the way in with our phone torches (oops – sorry folks). Not very stealthy at all; Batman would have been disappointed.

After Man of Steel we didn’t exactly have high expectations of the new movie; Zack Snyder has a habit of concentrating on the visuals and forgetting about the storyline. And the trailers didn’t help to raise our expectations either, but we were genuinely hoping to be proven wrong. We settled in with open minds.

The graphics were pretty good and in general the casting was better than we expected; Ben Affleck would not have been our first choice for Batman, but he did a great job of acting the older, slightly cynical and jaded, Bruce Wayne, which was a nice twist on Christian Bale’s portrayal. The casting of Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman was not an obvious choice, but the chemistry between her and Batman added a great dimension to the film.

On the other hand Jesse Eisenberg was a little OTT – quite tiring to watch at times but certainly an unusual take on Lex Luthor – he seemed a bit unhinged and slightly Joker-esque, though he was no Heath Ledger!

Having read other reviews we actually weren’t expecting much from it so we were pleasantly surprised that the majority of the film was OK. Yes, there are issues with Zack Snyder and his Style over Substance film-making, including over-the-top effects (as was seen with the digital fire in Man of Steel) but overall it was good and worth a watch, though - unlike Avengers - we won’t be going back to see it again any time soon.

As it progressed - you’ve all seen Doomsday in the trailer - they threw a lot of different, and not necessarily complementary, source material together; it got evermore unbelievable (not that a multi-billionaire man-come-bat vigilante is particularly believable, or a flying alien in a red cape, but you see what I mean).

So in summary, we were pretty pleased with how it was going until the last half an hour or so where it all fell apart into a frantic fight scene that didn’t stay in one place long enough to really make any kind of impact or sense. Such a shame as the premise was actually a really good one – who would win out of Batman and Superman? We’ll have to test out the theory in Tshirt Wars soon – we’ll need to design a tshirt inspired by Superman first!

What do you think? Have you seen the film yet?

Who do you think would win the fight between Batman and Superman? (with Kryptonite in the mix of course)

What would you change? Do you think we’re being too harsh? Or too kind?

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