Captain America: Civil War

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Captain America: Civil War

It’s all happening in the DC - Marvel Universe - with just over a week until the release of the long-awaited Batman vs Superman Movie, Marvel recently released a second trailer for Captain America: Civil War! We’re super excited to see the film and the new trailer looks pretty good, so we’ve got high expectations. And Spiderman finally turned up! - but we’re not sure why he looks like he’s wearing a CGI suit. Is that just us? The suit for the previous iteration was awesome, so we were somewhat surprised to see that it’s been re-designed again.

I’m looking forward to developing a new design inspired by Captain America to go alongside our Spiderman and Ironman-inspired designs for the release of the movie in 6 weeks’ time – I’m thinking of basing it on Captain America transforming through the centuries – from the retro air force uniform to his indestructible Adamantium Shield in the 21st Century. Another option is to do a mash up of Captain America with Ironman and Spiderman – we might even throw Bucky Barnes in there since it looks as though he’ll be playing a pretty big part in the new movie!

We already have a Spiderman design which shows the transition between Spiderman and Venom and Carnage – that doesn’t really fit in with the whole Civil War Saga – but we think our Ironman design fits in really well with the storyline for Civil War because of the destruction to the armour, and it looks as though Tony will be getting into plenty of fights if the trailers are anything to go by!

What do you think? We’d love to hear your ideas.

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