Tshirt Wars

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Tshirt Wars

We've always had a love for East meets West; while creating our design for tshirts we have often wondered if japanese characters in Anime and Manga were stronger than their american counterparts in comics and if they were all in the same universe on a level playing field who would win. LOL yes we're geeks at heart.

After seeing some YouTube videos we couldn't find much crossover; it was largely characters that were in similar comic universes like Batman vs Superman (we will know who wins soon!) or Deadpool vs Joker - basically Marvel vs DC - and we couldn't find much that brought the two great worlds of Manga  and Marvel, Anime and DC, East and West, together. We feared we would never know the answer to the question of who would win between Naruto and Superman : )

So that's when the idea of Tshirt Wars came about. Each week we will pit one of our tshirts inspired by anime agaist one inspired by comics (we may throw some fillms in too :) ) all in the aid of hopefully finding out if Manga or Marvel make the strongest characters. We want to hear what you think as well so be sure to watch and comment.

We will post the winner but it may change after we have heard what the public has to say. If you want to see a certain pair of tshirts face off then send us a message through our social media channels.

We love creating and we find we come up with our best ideas for new designs when we're having fun and interacting with the public and our customers. But as our online stores grow and the busier we get, the fewer customers we manage to meet to get their views and opinions of what they would like to see us do next. We hope that the YouTube show will again give us the chance to reach a wide range of people that we have not had the chance to interact with.

We will be posting the show weekly and we would love to hear what you think about the show, who you think should win each battle, and most importantly who you would like to see face off next : )

Checkout our our concept image below...

Tshirt Wars Deadpool Wins

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