Death Note T-shirt Design

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Death Note T-shirt Design

So we’ve been working on one of our new designs inspired by Death Note, a Japanese Manga and Anime, which ended almost 10 years ago. Instead of its popularity waning since the series finished it seems to have increased in popularity and we have been regularly asked to do a design for it, so I hope you all think we have done it justice, we look forward to hearing your comments!

We got into Death Note about 7 years ago, and it was mainly the Anime that we followed; we’re normally into the fighting type of Anime/Manga like Naruto and Dragon Ball Z, but we also love a great story and the mixture of mythology and realistic detective strategy made the series one of the top Animes for us.

The story follows the protagonist Light Yagami on his quest to outwit the World’s top detectives (no, not batman :) ) so he can cleanse the world of who he wishes. He is aided by a book that belonged to a Shinigami called Ryuk. The twists and turns are awesome and it keeps you captivated, and the story is quite dark so we wanted to express that in the design.

We used the main, and we think the best, characters; we didn't want to drown the image with too much information so we have missed out one of the detectives and Light’s girlfriend/stalker and her Shinigami.

We started with the concept of death and the book so we wanted to have Light sitting on a heap of bones, with a hint to the quote “The Road to Hell is Paved with Good Intentions”, as it was with Light, he started with good intentions, killing inmates and murderers.

We chose to have the detectives L and Near behind him looking at him while he reads the Death Note with Ryuk, the Shinigami like a spectre coming from the dark but shrouding all of them in his wings as if to say he has the final say.

We tested it in white and black, and we think black works best we may try it in red though that may also look cool.

Check out the white and black one above, black and white and black and red below.

What do you think? Would you replace some of the detectives, maybe add another Shinigami?

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  • jonathan

    where can i buy this? (and if i can, is it available as items other then t-shirts?)

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