Deadpool Movie! Lots of Bark, Bite, Laughs, Chimichangas and Loss of Limbs

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Deadpool Movie! Lots of Bark, Bite, Laughs, Chimichangas and Loss of Limbs

We’ve been looking forward to a live action Deadpool movie for years (literally) – and can hardly believe it’s finally here! When we heard Ryan Reynolds would be playing the iconic character we were less than pleased as his last stint at Deadpool in X-Men Origins was bad and he also played Green Lantern, which was very bad…

But when the trailers started to come out it seemed there was a glimmer of the fun and slightly wacky character that is Deadpool in the Marvel comics. That being said, a trailer is very different from the film - we learnt that lesson when Wolverine X-Men Origins came out.

As the trailers kept coming the prospect of a good film did seem possible and if it was rubbish at least we could see the parts that were in the trailers on the big screen(!)

I should add at this point that we have not been the best at anticipating whether films will be any good or not. In our recent experience it is often the films that have the most amazingly funny/gripping/dramatic/visually impressive trailers that end up being the most disappointing. It’s almost as though the studio realise that the film is terrible so they spend the most amount of time and effort possible cutting together the very limited ‘highlights’ into a 90 second trailer which contains every single decent moment of the entire film.

Like the trailer for the first Wolverine film.

On the other hand, amazing films often have too many good bits so it seems the studio don't spend too much time on the trailer and instead leave the film to fend for itself – trusting that enough people will see it, then tell their friends about it, and let the buzz spread by word of mouth. Ironically, it seems to us that the best trailers often precede the worst films and vice versa.

So… Back to Deadpool.

Based on the logic above, Deadpool was a bit of a tricky one to fathom. While the trailers/teasers were excellent (suggesting a disappointing film), there were so many of them that it seemed impossible that the film could be anything less than hilarious.

Well after seeing Deadpool our verdict is: it’s borderline awesome.

We were not sure how they were going to fit an Origin story into 102 minutes including credits. They opted for a mixture of flashbacks and a sped up time line to forge a bond with the characters in a short space of time, allowing them essentially to tell the past and the present simultaneously.

We actually thought it was going to be an 18 and maybe the later version is (we saw it midday) but the 15 version was ok, lots of limbs and heads getting chopped off, lots of blood too, everything you would expect from a Deadpool movie : )

The jokes were really good too - there were only a couple we didn’t get.

We don't want to give too much away and spoil it for anyone who hasn't seen it yet, but after the great graphics, good story line and good supporting cast we actually think that the Movie’s best quality - and we guess Deadpool’s too - was its ability to not take itself too seriously and to take the mick out of itself, warts and all. 

We find an issue with lots of movies is that they don't or can’t make clear issues that they had when filming (e.g. Fox and Marvel having franchises where they can’t share characters/budget cuts etc.) so if/when something is done differently from the source material and the fans don't understand why, it’s very easy to get annoyed or dislike the change, but the Deadpool movie uses its faults to its advantage. In fact, they turn most if not all of the possible negatives into positives by poking fun at flaws in the film and past re-incarnations. We don’t want to spoil it for you; when you see it you will know what we mean.

As far as action goes, the fight scenes are awesome - very clean and not pointless - the lovey dovey stuff is also not too long and still very comical. All in all the film was well structured with few if any pointless scenes. And even the after-credit scenes (yes, Deadpool has one and we recommend you stay : ) ) were good. We hope there is a sequel and the sooner it’s approved the better!

What do you think? What did you like and hate about the film?

Are we being too generous?

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