London Film and Comic Con, Olympia, 27-28 February 2016

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London Film and Comic Con, Olympia, 27-28 February 2016

We’re looking forward to the first Expo of the year at London Film and Comic Con Spring at the end of February. We’ve been to a couple of LFCC events before and always enjoy meeting the amazing people that come along.

We’ve been working hard on some new designs and can’t wait to share them with all those movie fans! Most importantly we’ve got two new designs inspired by out love of Star Wars available in white and black – previewed in the banner at the top of this post.


Who will be there?

There looks to be a great line-up with stars including Emily Kinney from the Walking Dead and the Flash, Charles Dance from Game of Thrones (Tywin Lannister) and Aliens 3, and the hilarious Nick Frost from Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz. We’re really excited to see Kenny Baker (aka R2-D2).

Check out the Showmasters Facebook page for the latest guests:

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Why you should go…

If you’ve never been to Comic Con before, you’ll find a whole variety of things from trinkets to comics to movie-themed games and clothing to original movie memorabilia, not to forget the stars themselves! There’s something for everyone who’s ever watched movies, and plenty of new things to discover! Last time there was an amazing photography area #syfyfancam where they constructed a 3-D image of people jumping and looking like superheros! - we might pop along if we have a spare minute…


Tickets and tips

Unless there’s a specific piece of memorabilia you want to hunt around for, or if you’ve booked a photo shoot or signing with your favourite star, we generally reckon Sunday’s a better day to come along – it’s always super busy on Saturday and it can get quite hot (even in the winter!) – Sunday’s generally more of a relaxed atmosphere and a bit more fun, especially if you’re bringing kids…


Don’t forget

In case you end up in a queue, don’t forget an umbrella and a bottle of water, whatever the time of year, and as it’s February, bring a cozy scarf and gloves (even if it doesn’t seem cold, it will if you’re standing outside for a while!). But remember it might be hot inside, so go for layers (unless you’re in cosplay, of course).

What are you looking forward to at LFCC?

What should we look out for?

What designs would you like to see on our tees?


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