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So what is Manga and why do we love it so?

Mangas are comics originating in Japan, traditionally written by Japanese creators (referred to as Mangaka) in the Japanese language.

In Japan Mangas are read by people of all ages and cover a broad range of genres, including Action, Adventure, Romance, Comedy, SciFi, and Horror among others.

The familiar style was developed in the late 19th Century, but Mangas became much more popular in Japan in the 1950s, and in recent years have gained a significant worldwide audience.

Mangas are typically printed in black and white, and usually serialised in large Manga magazines containing single episodes of many separate stories, each to be continued in the next issues.  If a series becomes popular chapters may be collected and published as separate volumes.

The concept has spread to other countries, which now have their own publications in the Manga style: Manhua in Taiwan and China, Manhwa in South Korea and La Nouvelle Manga in France.  In the UK we simply import the Japanese publications and keep the name Manga.

We’d love to talk more right now but we have to get back to working on our new designs.  Stay tuned for more on our Manga Jiman entry and we’ll give you hints on the secret Manga project we have in the pipeline.

Acquired Inspiration OUT.

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