AI TOP TEN (new dealers), Birmingham, MCM Expo -

A.I. TOP 10 tips for selling at the Expo (new dealers) - 8

TIP 8 – generating sales
depending on your product, location and the time of day, your product may be selling fast or slow, people may be looking at your product and then walking away; there’s nothing wrong in striking up a conversation with the members of the public, they may buy, or they may not, but a positive interaction can generate many future sales and it’s free!

I don’t think the hard sale works at the expo; many people seem put off if you try and oversell your product and they just walk away. If you see that someone’s thinking let them think, if they say they will come back later, say OK and greet them with a smile. They may return, they may not, but they’re more likely to after a positive interaction .

Competitions and free gifts are also a great way of generating sales and the gifts don’t have to be expensive, they can actually be relatively cheap like a lollypop or badge, apart from driving sales it’s a great talking point and easy marketing and the public love it too!

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