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A.I's TOP 10 TIPS FOR A GREAT EXPO (Public) - 5,6&7

We got a bit carried away over the weekend (don’t we all?!) - so here’s an extra big Monday instalment...

Tips 5, 6 and 7

5 – Money (Cash is King)
A lot of the stalls at the expo only take cash, but there aren’t many cash machines at the NEC, as you can imagine, and you can be sure there’ll be a long queue at any rate!  Get your cash in advance – set your limit – and enjoy spending it wisely (or not so wisely) throughout the weekend.

6 – Where am I going? NEC layout (site plan)
While you’re planning your trip to this year’s Birmingham Expo, bear in mind that the NEC is the UK’s biggest exhibition and conference centre, so don’t get lost!  The site plan should give you a helpful guide (the Expo and Memorabilia are in halls 10 and 11).

7 – Bring a friend, bring many
The best way to enjoy the expo is with your friends!  Whether you all love your mangas, or some are into gaming, or Japanese culture, or Dr Who, there’s something for everyone.  Make a day of it!  You might even find something new to get involved with...

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