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A.I's TOP 10 TIPS FOR A GREAT EXPO (Public) - 3

TIP 3 – cos play

If you’ve never been to the expo before, be prepared! If you’re a seasoned cosplayer, you know what to do!

Never done cosplay? It basically involves dressing up as your favourite comic/movie character and behaving like them too… (at the London expo last year there was a great zombie dragging himself around and weirding people out)… if your outfit’s really good – good enough to be recognisable that is – you’ll find people ask to have their photo taken with you.  It’s generally taken that if you dress up you’re open to posing for photos…

There is also a designated cosplay area with all kinds of activites including performances, costume displays and a photography area.  You’ll need a killer costume. so get it sorted! When it comes to the expo, anything goes, and I mean ANYTHING. You’ll find people dressed up in full stormtrooper suits, and Lara Croft with plastic guns and mud smears…  The more elaborate, the better (but do bear in mind you’ll have to wear it all day); there’s a prize for the best cosplayer – enter the masquerade at the Cosplay Desk to be in with a chance.


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