AI TOP TEN (public), Birmingham, MCM Expo -

A.I's TOP 10 TIPS FOR A GREAT EXPO (Public) - 2

2 – Travel. 

Do you know how you’ll get there?  What time will you need to leave to be there in plenty of time?  Saturdays often get pretty busy and on Sundays travel can be a bit more tricky.  It may seem obvious (and I’m probably preaching to the converted here), but planning ahead of time will save you a whole lot of hassle on the day… and don’t forget that you might need to queue if you’re buying tickets on the door so make sure you allow plenty of time to stand in a queue for a while when you get there!

The NEC website has useful travel info however you intend to travel; it’s super close to Birmingham International Airport and train station, and car parking is only £10 for the whole day.  If you’re traveling from London trains leave from Euston and take 1-2 hrs to arrive. You can get a great price if you book in advance.



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