AI TOP TEN (new dealers), Birmingham, MCM Expo -

A.I. TOP 10 tips for selling at the Expo (new dealers) - 2

 2 – how do I make my product? And dealing with manufacturers

Getting products manufactured depends on what you have chosen to make, you
can even decide to buy the individual parts for your product and make them at
home. Whether you do opt for making the product at home or you want to find
a manufacturer, I would say make sure you initially buy in the UK so you can
contact your supplier or - even better - pay them a visit. Whichever option you
choose, make sure you research the company or person you’re using. It doesn’t
have to be their bank statement but ask if anyone has used them before, read
online reviews; do they have a good track record? Whatever you need to do to
make yourself feel comfortable about their services: do it. You’re paying them,
not the other way round; whether it’s a small or large amount they should do
what they were paid to do. Remember it’s not always a case of you get what you
paid for: you can often find great companies that do the same or a better job for
less than the market rate.

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