AI TOP TEN (new dealers), Birmingham, MCM Expo -

A.I. TOP 10 tips for selling at the Expo (new dealers) - 1

 1 – What should I sell?

Well this is always a tricky question but can be very easy if you go with what
your interested in, but I would recommend visiting a similar Expo as a customer
before you become a dealer. From my experience the main themes of the stalls
at the Expo are cosplay, gaming and manga/anime; food is quite big but as there
are many food stalls outside and the equipment and preparation is costly and
time consuming I would leave that alone.

The best place to start is if you find something interesting that you think you
can create with low start up cost; if you have something unique that you think
people would buy then go for it! It could be a design that you print on tshirts or
on canvas or caps or bags.

You can actually sell anything, but items relating to Oriental culture seem to sell
especially well!

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