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A.I. TOP 10 tips for selling at the Expo (new dealers)

Here at Acquired Inspiration Head Office we thought that leading up to the Birmingham expo there may be a few members of the public that have been or will be going to an Expo, have had a great idea or just thought they would like to take part as a dealer (the people behind the tables selling products at the Expo), but thought the process was too complicated or didn’t know where to start.

Don’t worry; every dealer at an Expo has been there – nervous about where to begin and even more nervous when they actually get there – but the nerves usually subside after the first sale.

Most of the Expo companies are good at putting the information out on their website but sometimes – if you’re new to the website – it can be difficult to find the information you’re looking for.  Even after you find the right page, it may not tell you what you want to know, and some things you can only find out from someone who has been there before.

All the dealers I have spoken to at previous Expos are very friendly and forthcoming so if these blog posts don’t answer all your questions (which it probably will not), next time you’re at an Expo strike up a conversation with the person behind the table! (check they’re not too busy first :))

Without further ado the top ten questions you should be able to answer before selling at an Expo! (drum roll please…)

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