Hello world!

Welcome to the Acquired Inspiration Blog! This is my very 1st post of my very first blog so bear with me J.

Q and A

Who am i.

I’m a graphic designer; with a passion for all things art especially Manga, oriental, pop art, political themes, and fashion. Finding cool affordable clothes with interesting designs for the themes I’m passionate about is not easy.

I thought I would design my own wear it and sell it, I also thought that would be easy and relatively inexpensive. I was wrong! So what now? Do I give up, put my idea to rest, get a job without letting the world see what could be? No! I start small and think big.

How do I do it?

Start a business, a small one! Pick 3 themes (manga, pop art, oriental) with 7 designs in total, sell them and see the response, make more of what people like and then become a billionaire K! Lol yes I missed out a few steps!

Why the blog?

To share my passion, inform inspire and at times entertain. The topics I will try and cover will be Art  & design, Manga, Pop culture, new business, drumming up interest what I have tried, what works, what doesn’t, Politics about new business, is their really any help out their, what’s hard, what’s easy, what I didn’t expect, what I need help with and hope fully not much more. I know that’s a lot! Well hopefully you will help with your comments

I plan to use the blog to attract interesting exciting people who can aid me in my quest to make designs I like and others love, make the business work and have fun.

Anybody who is interested in similar themes are invited to follow and leave comments

I hope you follow me on this journey.

Find me on facebook, twitter and deviant art.

Facebook: Acquired Inspiration

twitter: inspiredart24

Happy reading!

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