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Our top three cool tees for summer.

Were looking forward to summer 2014, because we love graphics and we love cool t shirts. We know it can be tricky to stay cool in the heat so we have thrown together a list of our top three cool t shirts for summer, we will be expanding to vests so they will be available as vest, and jumpers for the colder summer nights.


At 3 we have


Butterfly Buddha.


The Design

The combination of four heads that reflect on one another with the juxtaposition of the monochrome print on a white/ coloured back ground with the intricate detail create a cool kaleidoscopic image

What its based on

Inspired by the beauty of the Buddhist religion which often asks one to reflect on one self, the name Butterfly Buddha comes from how the metamorphosis of a caterpillar into a butterfly gives an insight into the Buddhist teachings, and the transformation from one stage of life to another. The Buddhist statue that resides on a mountain in Hong Kong is a majestic figure and is where the original inspiration came from. The juxtaposition of the black ink with the light t-shirt represents yin (dark) and yang (light).

Why it’s a cool t shirt – the kaleidoscopic image moves the eyes from the center to the border an back to the center again and the details makes the eyes scan over the image and then a second time to pick out the detail.


check it out .http://www.acquiredinspiration.com/collections/frontpage/products/butterfly-buddha


What should you wear it with?

H&m jacket slim fit


Redherring dark blue slim feet jeans



lacoste fairlead




Dirty Dragon

The Design

The design of dirty dragon is intricate and developing as the eyes scan up and down. A passing eye may get it before you walk past, they may not, they may even try and catch another look, but one things for sure they will be thinking that a cool t shirt.

What its based on

This design is inspired by stone pillars in one of the traditional temples in Hong Kong. The pillars - of which there are 12 - are each given their own unique presence by the dragon that is sculpted into the stone. The dragons, which are not just drawn on but carved out of the stone, seem as though they were once animated but became frozen when they tried to free themselves from their rock prison. The design shows the dragon freeing itself from the earth that it was encased in. The juxtaposition of black on white represent the earth and the sky, the dark and light.     

Why its cool

We think its cool because the image seems to come in and out  of the picture and as the dragon weaves in and out of the rock different images can be seen giving the eyes multiple images to focus on   

check it out -



What should you wear it with?

rovoc  field loose Bermuda shorts



adidas gazelle






The Design

The two shinsusenju designs that come with and without the kanji are very striking but also invoke a sense of wonder, the print is eye catching from a far and the closer you get the more they eyes fixate on the detail of the multiple hands and the central Buddha.

What it’s based on

Inspired by the Japanese legend of Buddha and the thousand hands, Manga’s and anime’s like Naruto, hunter x hunter and Yu-Gi-Oh! All have their own iterations of the legend. Our version is influence by Masashi kishimoto’s Naruto and his character Hashirama Senju.

Why its cool

The mesmerizing and calming image of Buddha is relaxing and the visual presence of the image attracts the eye just what you need on a hot summers day, and who doesn’t love Buddha


What should you wear it with?

We think some pull&Bear slim fit jeans - http://www.asos.com/PullBear/PullBear-Slim-Fit-Jeans/Prod/pgeproduct.aspx?iid=3676927&cid=4208&sh=0&pge=0&pgesize=36&sort=3&clr=Blue


Redtape tan leather weave flip fliops


check it out - http://www.acquiredinspiration.com/collections/oriental/products/shinsuusenju-a-few-thousand-hands


we will have a special offer all summer (June – September) where you can get 2 of our top three for £35 or all 3 for £50

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