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All You Need Is Kill


All You Need Is Kill


Edge of Tomorrow – the upcoming film by Doug Liman based on the popular Japanese light novel by Hiroshi Sakurazaka – features Emily Blunt and Tom Cruise in the roles of Lt. Col. William "Bill" Cage and . The pair become caught in a time loop and are forced to live out the same deadly battle day after day, until (we must suppose) they are finally able to conquer their Alien adversaries.


Why do we think it’s cool?

We like Emily Blunt (just in general) and Tom Cruise was good in the Mission Impossibles; we hope he can pull it off! We’re not usually fans of Japanese/US remakes: Dragonball: Evolution (need we say more?) and Old Boy (what were they thinking?) both prime examples. Having seen the trailer it looks as though they’ve managed to capture key aspects of the original story and they’ve certainly allowed the illustrations in the original book to influence the style of the movie, which has got to be a good thing!


Why are we excited?

This is a Big Budget Hollywood movie – no expense has been spared on graphics, so there’s no excuse for them to mess it up! Judging by Liman’s previous films it’ll be a gritty masterpiece.


Why have we chosen this?

This is our first venture into Mecha – a popular form used in Japanese Manga since the 1950s. Our latest design is based on the armour used to fight the alien life-forms. The concept collage is of an enormous humanoid Mecha, which is seemingly indestructible.


We will post updates as we develop the idea.


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