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We donned our Batman tshirts and prepared for what we hoped would be an epic battle between two titans of the DC universe. In an efficient fashion that we expect even Superman would have been proud of, we headed to catch the movie on Friday at lunchtime, barely 12 hours after its release. Unfortunately, however, it was Good Friday so the cinema was packed, even at 1pm, and we got there a bit late so had to blind a few people on the way in with our phone torches (oops – sorry folks). Not very stealthy at all; Batman would...

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It’s all happening in the DC - Marvel Universe - with just over a week until the release of the long-awaited Batman vs Superman Movie, Marvel recently released a second trailer for Captain America: Civil War! We’re super excited to see the film and the new trailer looks pretty good, so we’ve got high expectations. And Spiderman finally turned up! - but we’re not sure why he looks like he’s wearing a CGI suit. Is that just us? The suit for the previous iteration was awesome, so we were somewhat surprised to see that it’s been re-designed again. I’m looking...

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First up… The first ever MCM Liverpool! We’re so excited to come to the very first ever MCM Comic Con in Liverpool this weekend – if it’s anything like Manchester it’s going to be amazing - we can’t wait to head up North again and see what Merseyside has to offer! If you live in or near Liverpool and have never been to an MCM event before come on down and check out the greatest collection of games, comics, films, sci fi and Japanese culture in the Northwest. And if you’ve been to MCM before head over and see what’s...

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We've always had a love for East meets West; while creating our design for tshirts we have often wondered if japanese characters in Anime and Manga were stronger than their american counterparts in comics and if they were all in the same universe on a level playing field who would win. LOL yes we're geeks at heart. After seeing some YouTube videos we couldn't find much crossover; it was largely characters that were in similar comic universes like Batman vs Superman (we will know who wins soon!) or Deadpool vs Joker - basically Marvel vs DC - and we couldn't...

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So we’ve been working on one of our new designs inspired by Death Note, a Japanese Manga and Anime, which ended almost 10 years ago. Instead of its popularity waning since the series finished it seems to have increased in popularity and we have been regularly asked to do a design for it, so I hope you all think we have done it justice, we look forward to hearing your comments! We got into Death Note about 7 years ago, and it was mainly the Anime that we followed; we’re normally into the fighting type of Anime/Manga like Naruto and...

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